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Vertical Farm Daily Features Canobi’s AGRP™ Platform

Canobi’s innovative AGRP™ platform was featured in an article on Vertical Farm Daily in August of 2022. The article, ‘All-round platform to control your farm operations’, outlines the features and benefits of Canobi’s AGRP™ platform. The product has its origins in Canobi CEO Robin Vincent’s years of experience in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and indoor farm management consulting. Robin wanted to create a single platform growers could use not only to manage day-to-day operations, but also to collect data in growing environments then replicate those conditions. Farm business activities, from Human Resources to Sales and Record Keeping, can also be handled through the Canobi platform.

While other systems monitor and control only one aspect of a farm, Canobi AGRP™ can integrate into any farm type or growing system. Through our partnerships with manufacturers and consultants, we continue to push growing technologies into the future. The customizable Canobi dashboard is available on any internet-connected device, so growers can check in on their plants anywhere, any time. Our user-friendly dashboards make it easy to assess a variety of conditions at a glance. Notifications are sent to devices when any condition falls outside the desired range, allowing problems to be identified and solved quickly.

More than just tracking real-time data, our software records everything. Tracking both positive and negative events allow you to pinpoint which changes led to favorable outcomes at harvest time. Over time, the collected data allows us to compile growing recipes which our automation can replicate to create favorable conditions leading to a good harvest crop after crop.

New innovations are changing the vertical farming industry at a rapid pace. At Canobi, we are always working to incorporate these improvements into our system so our customers can benefit. There are plenty of exciting new technologies on the horizon. For example, we have already partnered with HarvestAI with the goal of adding Artificial Intelligence to our platforms. One day soon, we hope to add other innovations, such as robotic harvesting, to help our customers get the most from every plant.

We are so pleased that our unique indoor farm management technology was featured among so many other international farms and manufacturers. Vertical Farm Daily’s website, which describes itself as an “online meeting place for the international indoor farming industry”, is constantly updated with the newest innovations and developments in the sector. At Canobi, we strive to be at the forefront of technological innovation in indoor growing.


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