The advanced, high-resolution monitoring technology within Canobi Smart Dose collects, views, and analyzes data throughout the system. This vault of valuable information is used to build a responsive dosing environment which performs better and more efficiently.

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More accurate, reliable, and responsive dosing.

Canobi Smart Dose allows you to establish baselines and, using those specifications, create unique time-driven and crop-based recipes and profiles that automate dosing and optimize yields. Not only does this automation reduce farm labor expenditures by automating essential but time-consuming and repetitive tasks reliably, it also controls operational costs by dosing more accurately and responsively. Moreover, Canobi Smart Dose includes advanced water filtration and recycling systems which can reduce water use by up to 80%.

canobi smart dose advantages

Canobi Smart Dose is scalable.

With the ability to store thousands of recipes, control up to 16 different nutrient components, support various pump sizes, and dependably deliver 14-120 gallons-per-day of nutrient concentrates, Canobi Smart Dose is ready to scale when you are.

Monitor With High-resolution Data

Canobi Smart Dose can interface with your existing irrigation system. High-resolution monitoring lets you collect, view, and analyze data throughout the irrigation system and build a responsive dosing environment.

Automate to Streamline Operations

Control every aspect of your farm irrigation automatically. Create unique time-driven and crop-based recipes that automate essential but time-consuming and repetitive tasks reliably.

Optimize and Track Every Aspect of Your Business

Canobi Smart Dose plugs into Canobi.One to manage every aspect of your indoor farming business, from harvest to cost, to payroll, procurement, GPP/GMP audit, and knowledge management.

Flexible and Scalable

Canobi Smart Dose’s modular, open architecture means it can interface with other 3rd-party systems. And, Canobi Smart Dose’s scalability means whether you have one 5000 square-foot room or multiple 100,000 square-foot facilities around the world, Canobi is the right choice for you.

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Set-up operations in hours, not days.

Canobi Smart Dose is quick and easy to set up and requires very little maintenance. You can be operational, ready to input your recipes, display your dashboards, and analyze your farm’s data in hours, not days or weeks.

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