Turnkey Vertical Farming Agriculture Production Unit

VFnode from Canobi AgTech

The VFnode is a turnkey agriculture production unit that offers a lower-risk approach to vertical farming.

Start Small, Improve Crop Quality, Scale Operations

  • 120 square-foot cultivation area (11.13 m2) – 10 feet x 12 feet (3.05 meters x 3.65 meters)
  • Accommodates 1000 plants – supports many cultivars, including strawberries, eggplants, lettuces, and more.
  • Start growing for CA$47,023.35
VFnode Vertical Farming Solution

VFnodes are powered by Canobi.ONE

This turnkey, vertical farming solution includes:

canobi smart core logo

Canobi Smart CORE

The technical infrastructure (software and hardware) that connects your farm to the Canobi.ONE Smart Farm Management platform and a world of IoT and connected devices. Get secure access and connectivity to third-party tools, cameras, sensors, controllers, base stations, and more; even across highly distributed farms.

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Canobi Smart GROW

Everything you need to monitor and automate a single grow room with the Canobi.ONE platform. Get readings every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also includes flexible industrial controllers that support all industry-standard protocols and languages, and integrates seamlessly with existing equipment.

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Canobi Smart DOSE

Create unique, time-driven and crop-based recipes and profiles that automate dosing and optimize yields. This automation reduces farm labor expenditures by automating essential but time consuming and repetitive tasks reliably. It also controls operational costs by dosing more accurately and responsively.

Get your VFnode For CA$47,023.35

Smart, Predictable, Farm Management



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