Below are the answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

Yes. For instance, we know an industrial pH probe has a life expectancy of 4.5 years and should be re-calibrated every 6-12 months. We send you sachets of new calibration fluids every 6 months so you will always have up to date fluids on hand to re-calibrate. At 4.5 years or when we realise the probes cannot be re-calibrated, we send you replacements at no-cost, providing you have an active Canobi.ONE membership.

Anything but! Your success is our success. This is the basis of the Canobi.ONE agreement. We’re with you in this – you are not alone.

This is generally not possible. Our sensors are an integrated part of the Canobi.ONE family of products and are fully supported with Canobi.ONE membership. We have invested significantly in testing and selecting each Canobi component for robust handling, longevity in grow rooms and high accuracy over time. As the data these sensors provide is used by Canobi to make automation decisions, yield predictions and more, it is an essential component of the whole system.

The entire Canobi.ONE system including hardware was designed from the ground up to be installed by our clients. However, we can quote on installation if you are directly working with Canobi, or you can opt to have one of our Agri-Agents assist with the install. In many cases our clients have local electricians and plumbers so the prep work can be completed in advance. Then, when Canobi arrives, it’s simply a question of connecting the equipment. We can work with your electricians and plumbers to make sure this is completed correctly.

Due to large fluctuations in global shipping prices, we do not include shipping prices in our initial quotations. We will work with the client to find the best shipping method (considering the price and the speed) for their location. We do not charge any additional fees for organising the shipping. The client just pays the price charged by the shipping company – normally directly to them. We can get shipping quotes as part of the ordering process. However, the prices are likely to fluctuate between point of order and the time items are shipped.

With the Canobi.ONE service you are fully supported. You can contact us via phone or email. Your hardware and software are monitored in real-time. In the unlikely event there is a hardware fault, then we will ship a replacement unit to you. We also cover all calibrations, including sending you calibration fluids at set intervals. Ongoing training is provided through Canobi Academy.

Canobi.ONE is a service which you pay for monthly. Depending on your requirements there are a combination of three setup packages we will customise for you – Smart GROW, Smart CORE, and Smart DOSE.

You can contact us via telephone or email at any time of any day. If the first person you speak to cannot resolve your problem, they will be able to contact someone who will, and we will normally get back to you within four hours.

As part of the Canobi.ONE service agreement Canobi warrants the parts. If you have any problems, contact us and we’ll deal with it.

The normal process is that we ship everything to your site configured and ready for you to install. We provide training, instructions, and support for this process. If desired, we can provide a price on Canobi sending a representative to assist with the setup.

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