This page features a regularly updated collection of our research reports, whitepapers, webinars, and presentations.

Research Reports

These publications report on the findings of our research projects related to indoor farming, vertical farming, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Canobi AgTech strawberry research report cover

Opportunities For CEA to Profit From Challenges in the Global Fresh Strawberry Market [REPORT]

The demand for locally grown and organic products presents an opportunity for growers to extend the growing season, acquire a bigger market share, and receive premium prices for strawberries grown locally, year round in CEA facilities.

In our report, we review supply and demand in the global fresh strawberry industry, and identify opportunities for controlled environment agriculture facilities to capture a greater share of the market, as well as receive a premium price for producing high-quality, locally grown strawberries.

Case Studies

These case studies highlight applications of Canobi.ONE, Smart CORE, Smart DOSE, and Smart GROW in indoor farms and greenhouses.

GWS Vertical Farms uses Canobi to grow leafy greens with aeroponics

In this case study we highlight how GWS Vertical Farms in Toronto, Ontario, Canada uses Canobi.ONE, Canobi Smart CORE (customized) and Canobi Smart GROW to grow leafy greens with vertical aeroponics.

Ferme Marseni Chose Canobi Tools for Harvest, Workflow, Supply Chain [Case Study]

Ferme Marseni chose Canobi.ONE (Canobi Smart GROW monitoring running on Canobi Smart CORE hardware) for its harvest, workflow and supply chain management tools.

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