Our agri-agents are committed to helping us deliver all the benefits and advantages that our turnkey systems have to offer.

canobi turnkey systems - drop-n-gro and vfnode
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360 Green Farm

If you’re looking for the newest technology, such as oxygen nanobubble generators, 360 Green Farm offers all the essential components for plant production in a variety of farm settings.

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Cultivatd aims to empower a new era of self-reliant farmers by providing information, equipment, and support to newcomers and experienced growers alike. Cultivatd helps growers overcome today’s agriculture challenges and prepare for a more productive tomorrow.

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Pacific Bloom

Pacific Bloom uses their expert advisors and long-time partnerships with industry leaders to help growers with every step of cannabis and hemp production, including construction, grow equipment, nutrient management, turn-key solutions, and more.

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Ubuntu Wellness

In support of global efforts to eliminate world hunger and empower people in communities throughout Africa, Ubuntu Wellness is intently focused on solving food security issues with plant-based solutions.

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