Canobi’s software and hardware products, solutions, and turnkey options can be introduced to increase productivity and improve performance in indoor farms of all sizes.


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Canobi.ONE is recommended for indoor farms seeking an advanced automation and monitoring solution that is competitively priced, simple to use, and easily scalable from proof-of-concept to multi-site farming facilities. Get real-time notifications and reporting, harvest planning, business tools, learning platform, 24 hour – 365 day support, and more … Learn more about Canobi.ONE.


The following Canobi Smart integrations have been designed to enhance the power of Canobi.ONE.

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Canobi Smart CORE includes all the networking components and technical infrastructure that you need to connect and monitor your farming facility … Learn more about Canobi Smart CORE.

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Canobi Smart DOSE collects, views, and analyzes specific data throughout your farming facility and uses the valuable information to build a responsive dosing environment that performs better and more efficiently … Learn more about Canobi Smart DOSE.

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Canobi Smart GROW includes everything you need to monitor and automate a single grow room with the Canobi.ONE platform … Learn more about Canobi Smart Grow.


These products are ready for immediate use, and are complete with everything needed to operate.

drop-N-gro modules measure 12′ x 40′ x 9′, are stackable up to three units high, insulated to R30, offer a remarkable 33% more floor space and 40% more cultivation area (compared to typical shipping containers)… Learn more about drop-N-gro.

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The VFnode is a turnkey agriculture production unit that offers a lower-risk approach to vertical farming. Powered by Canobi.ONE, the VFnode allows vertical farmers to start small, improve crop quality, and scale operations… Learn more about VFnode.

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These are specialized solutions for specific indoor farming applications.


Canobi delivers a powerful monitoring, dosing, and automation solution that provides everything you need to operate your greenhouse, even during a power outage or without the internet… Learn more about greenhouse solutions.

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