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Manage every aspect of your farm from anywhere
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Whether it's indoor, greenhouses, or containers with any grow systemImage


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Canobi.ONE – a single service to support your
farm, combining:

  • growing automation
  • notifications and reporting
  • harvest planning
  • a suite of business tools
  • a learning platform
  • and support

Looking for predictable crops, increased growth, improved efficiency or better crop quality? We can help.

Recommended for small, midsize, and enterprise-level indoor farms or greenhouses seeking an advanced automation and monitoring solution. Canobi.ONE gives a solution that is competitively priced; simple to use; easy to install and easily scalable, from proof-of-concept to multi-site farming facilities.

The expert solution, tailored for your growing needs. Our team work with each unique set-up to overcome challenges and find answers that work.

Start farming with Canobi.ONE for as little as $5,999
Manage one farm or many from a single pane of glass
Deploys in hours not weeks
Train at your own speed, online with the Canobi.Academy
We typically work with grow spaces of approx. 250sqm canopy
Flexible for farms with one or many grow spaces
Scalable from proof of concept, to grow system manufacturers
Suitable for manufacturers looking to make their devices smart
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