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With Canobi.ONE and our bundled hardware packages, you can efficiently monitor growing environments, nutrients, and dosing. You can automate tasks, which reduces human error and saves time. Additionally, Canobi.ONE offers a comprehensive suite of business tools for farm management.

Key features:

  • Monitors and automates environmental conditions and irrigation systems.
  • Manages nutrient dosing and water quality.
  • Provides business management functionalities.


  • Competitive pricing and scalability.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface.
  • Improves crop predictability, growth, and efficiency.

Additional services:

  • Training through Canobi.Academy.
  • Expert support for tailored solutions.
  • Embedded systems for device intelligence.
  • Interoperability with your current equipment

Canobi.ONE offers a complete solution for indoor farms, from small-scale setups to large multi-site operations.

Start farming with Canobi.ONE for as little as $5,999
Manage one farm or many from a single pane of glass
Deploys in hours not weeks
Train at your own speed, online with the Canobi.Academy
We typically work with grow spaces of approx. 250sqm canopy
Flexible for farms with one or many grow spaces
Scalable from proof of concept, to grow system manufacturers
Suitable for manufacturers looking to make their devices smart

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