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EOAN and EOBJ Publish Featured Articles on Canobi AgTech

Perhaps the greatest appeal of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is its potential to help communities around the world secure a dependable source of fresh food. As climate change continues to disrupt traditional agriculture, locally grown food will become increasingly important, especially in remote communities. CEA also offers the opportunity for urban consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by buying locally produced food. Beyond the environmental impacts, CEA can help communities by providing jobs and strengthening the economy. Canobi is proud to be helping our customers achieve these meaningful benefits.

With an emphasis on community in everything we do, we are especially honoured to be recognized in local media sources. In July of 2022, Canobi was featured in the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network’s (EOAN) monthly newsletter. The EOAN focuses on supporting the growth, development, and sustainability of local food and agricultural initiatives. They are a non-profit membership organization covering Prescott-Russell, Stormont Dundas and Glengarry, Cornwall, and the Ontario portion of Akwesasne. Not only do they promote local farms and businesses, they also connect producers and stakeholders for collective benefits, and advocate for them in public policy, regulation, and development.

The EOAN article outlined Canobi’s origin and history, as well as some of our funding successes. While Canobi founder and CEO Robin Vincent started out in electrical engineering and data center management, these fields eventually brought him to indoor farming consultancy and from there to Canobi. During Covid, Canobi shifted its focus from cannabis to food production. Here in Ontario, we are proud to include small businesses and larger operations such as AgriTech North. In the past few years, we have expanded to include both local and international customers. Canobi has attended a variety of international conferences and trade shows, where Robin is frequently asked to speak on challenges and advancements in CEA.

This was not the only time Canobi has been featured in local media. In the fall of 2023, we were also included in an article in the Eastern Ontario Business Journal (EOBJ) highlighting other agritech companies. These articles demonstrate not only Canobi’s leadership position in CEA, but also Ontario’s role at the forefront of agricultural technology. Canobi and many other companies are working hard to bring communities the innovations needed to secure our food chain. Together, we are working to change Canada’s position as a global food importer and ensure everyone has access to fresh, healthy produce.


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