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Canobi Helps Ferme Marseni Produce Fresh Culinary Herbs

Ferme Marseni in the village of Cassleman, Ontario is a new indoor vertical farming facility that is using innovative methods to produce high-quality, uniform crops. Their goal is to produce superior-tasting fresh culinary herbs for the local grocery, restaurant, and consumer markets. Currently concentrating on fresh basil, they also grow other culinary herbs, lettuces, and other vegetables such as kale.

“We carefully control every aspect of production, and so our products have an intense flavour, are high in essential oils, are of uniform size and quality, are available year-round, and are completely free from pesticides or other chemicals. We’re very proud to be a 100% locally owned and operated business.”

Maxime Gagnier, Head Grower, Ferme Marseni

Because the cultivation period for their basil plants is so short (only a few weeks), precisely controlled growing conditions are incredibly important to the success of Ferme Marseni’s products. When they came to Canobi for help, we were able to provide them with an environmental control system that not only met their needs, but also gave them piece of mind.

“With Canobi Smart CORE and Canobi Smart GROW deployed in their facility, the environment is monitored and automatically adjusted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If the temperature, humidity, or any other parameters we’re monitoring go out of the defined bounds, they will immediately receive a notification via text message, so that someone can check on the facility.”

Robin Vincent, CEO, Canobi AgTech

Canobi also worked with Ferme Marseni to implement additional monitoring for their irrigation and dosing system. The flexibility of Canobi.ONE’s platform to monitor over one hundred different types of sensors means that we can always adapt to meet the needs of any specific issue or requirement a customer might have.

“We excel at solving problems. With over eight years of experience in the indoor farming industry, there isn’t much we haven’t seen before. We often have a solution that we know will work, because we’ve already tried it either at our own facility, or for another customer,” says Robin. “We’re always ready to work with you to help you achieve your indoor farming goals.”

We’re proud to be working with Ferme Marseni to make fresh, local, pesticide-free, and environmentally sustainable produce available year round in Eastern Ontario.


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