These products are ready for immediate use, and are complete with everything needed to operate.

drop-n-gro turnkey modualr farm


drop-N-gro modules measure 12′ x 40′ x 9′, are stackable up to three units high, insulated to R30, offer a remarkable 33% more floor space and 40% more cultivation area (compared to typical shipping containers).

Grow up to 2000 plants in a single drop-N-gro modular farm!

VFnode lower-risk approach to vertical farming


The VFnode is a turnkey agriculture production unit that offers a lower-risk approach to vertical farming. Powered by Canobi.ONE, the VFnode allows vertical farmers to start small, improve crop quality, and scale operations.

Grow up to 1000 plants in a single VFnode unit!

For indoor farm operators and investors, choosing a turnkey system offers many benefits. These financial and operational advantages include time efficiency, reduced complexity, reliability, cost savings, and scalability. Overall, choosing a pre-configured turnkey solution streamlines implementation and provides a faster, more efficient, and less risky path to establishing or expanding indoor farm operations.

Smart, Predictable, Farm Management



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