canobi uk visits oct 2023

Canobi Visits Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre and Agri-EPI Centre

It is no secret that we are passionate about indoor farming. Our team is committed to improving the industry and we demonstrate this passion and commitment in every place we go. Whether it be through farm visits, industry event booths and presentations, or a Canobi.ONE demonstration, we’re thrilled to be helping people succeed in their farms and their businesses.

Recently, while traveling to/from VertiFarm and AgraME, we had the opportunity to visit two organizations that share our passion and commitment for helping agriculture producers; the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre and the Agri-EPI Centre.

Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre

In an effort to improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability within the local, regional, and wider UK farming community, the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre showcases the cutting-edge technological practices and solutions available in the ever-evolving agriculture industry.

At the beginning of October 2023, our CEO (Robin Vincent) visited the centre and demonstrated how Canobi.ONE’s advanced automation and monitoring technology converts data to decisions and helps indoor farms quickly meet industry compliance standards.

Agri-EPI Centre

The Agri-EPI Centre in the UK connects people that are creating new, innovative AgTech with the agricultural producers who can benefit the most from the cutting-edge technology. Driven by two goals – maximizing profitability and enhancing the sustainability of food supply chains, this initiative develops, funds, and commercializes new precision agricultural technologies, and fosters relationships between researchers, startups, investors, and farm operators.

In early October 2023, we had the opportunity to visit the Agri-EPI Centre and discuss how Canobi.ONE’s advanced monitoring and automation technology optimizes farm production and drives sustainable agriculture practices.

Insight, Encouragement, and Inspiration

Each visit provided our staff with valuable insight and information about advancements in the indoor farming industry, as well as encouragement and a source of inspiration for our own contributions to improving performance and sustainability in indoor farms.

Canobi.ONE is recommended for small, midsize, and enterprise-level indoor farms seeking an advanced automation and monitoring solution that is competitively priced, simple to use, and easily scalable from proof-of-concept to multi-site farming facilities. Select the ‘Schedule a Demo’ button to discover how Canobi.ONE can increase productivity and improve performance in your indoor farm.


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