Canobi AgTech will be attending the VertiFarm international indoor farming trade fair on September 26th to the 28th 2023, in Messe Dortmund, Germany.

As the concepts of vertical farming, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), and ‘new food systems’ emerge as an issue of strategic global importance, they are producing a vibrant, quickly-developing industry that is populated with innovative businesses and organizations – like Canobi – that are passionate about supporting the growth of next level farming, across the globe.

In providing a forum for information that focuses exclusively on indoor farming, VertiFarm brings together knowledge, technology, Research & Development, and networking opportunities. Below is a list of the key issues speakers and sessions will be focused on:

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • Indoor Farms
  • New Food Systems
  • Plants
  • Automation and Logistics
  • Variety Development
  • Cosmetics / Oils
  • Plant Protection and Fertilizers
  • Air Conditioning / Lighting Systems
  • Medical Plant Production
  • Cannabis, CBD, Seeds, Plants, Medical
  • Energy Generation and Efficiency
  • Research and Education
  • Robotic Farming

The aim of the ‘new food systems’ being showcased at VertiFarm is to maximize and secure yields without neglecting ecological and social factors. During the event, our CEO – Robin Vincent – will be sharing valuable information on how you can leverage cutting-edge monitoring and automation technology to optimize farm production and drive sustainable agriculture practices.

Let’s Meet at VertiFarm

Canobi.ONE is recommended for small, midsize, and enterprise-level indoor farms seeking an advanced automation and monitoring solution that is competitively priced, simple to use, and easily scalable from proof-of-concept to multi-site farming facilities.

If you are attending VertiFarm on September 26th to the 28th 2023 (in Messe Dortmund, Germany) and would like to learn how our advanced AgTech solutions will improve performance and increase efficiency in your indoor farm, visit us at booth 4.F08 or schedule a specific time to meet one-on-one with Robin at the event.

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