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Canobi AgTech’s Leadership in Agritech Featured in EOBJ

We were thrilled to be included in a feature article about Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in the Fall 2023 issue of the Eastern Ontario Business Journal (EOBJ). In an article titled ‘Multiple agritech companies call Eastern Ontario home’, Canobi AgTech was highlighted alongside five other highly successful CEA-focused companies in Eastern Ontario. The EOBJ is a sister publication to the Ottawa Business Journal, focusing on business news and information from the Eastern Ontario region.

The article highlights Canobi CEO Robin Vincent’s background and achievements. Canobi was born out of Robin’s past experiences with aquarium systems, data analytics, and medicinal cannabis. Robin eventually transitioned the company to focus on his proprietary monitoring and automation software for CEA operations. One of the benefits of Canobi’s system is its adaptability to a variety of growing systems. This approach stems from Robin’s belief that each growing system has its own advantages, so rather than choose one over the rest, Canobi works with them all.

Canobi is proud to have a leadership role in the CEA community. As mentioned in the article, Robin is a frequent speaker at conferences. Recently, he spoke at the Agra Middle East 2023 conference in Dubai and at the Association for Vertical Farming conference in Amsterdam. The article also mentions Robin’s new position as the Director of Innovation in the North American Chapter of the Association for Vertical Farming.

Featured alongside Canobi was Cultivatd, one of our agri-agents, and Fieldless Farms, one of Canobi’s clients. It is our pleasure to work alongside these as well as other CEA companies both locally and internationally. Through cooperation and collaboration, the CEA industry will continue to grow and thrive.

We were pleased that the EOBJ chose to highlight the importance of Controlled Environment Agriculture as an emerging industry in this article. CEA is growing in popularity around the world as the future of agriculture, and Canobi is proud to be taking a leadership role in an industry which offers many advantages. We believe that CEA can and will provide benefits to the economy, the environment, and the community in Eastern Ontario and around the world. Along with driving new, environmentally friendly technologies, CEA operations will provide new jobs, strengthen economic ties, and help reduce food insecurity. At Canobi, we are excited to see what the future will bring!


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